Who are you?

The Monk

You have thought and read a great deal about spirituality. You are informed and may even have tried meditation.

Your goal is self-realization and you want to meditate using a powerful meditation technique.

The Thinker

You are a thinker, perhaps even a scientist or poet. Your contemplation on the nature of life & existence has brought you to the the doorstep of spirituality and now, you wish to go beyond mere ideas.

Nobel laureates, physicist Einstein and poet Tagore both understood that all life and existence is an expression of something far greater. This common thread brought them together in frequent dialogue, kinship and contemplation.

The Busy Bee

You are busy… all the time!  Non-stop, you juggle many balls at the same time for instance work, parenting, more work etc  You are interested in relieving stress, being  more in control and also more efficient and energetic.

The Curious Cat

Everyone’s talking about meditation: Zen, Kundalini, Christian Meditation, Mindfulness, TM. You are not really sure what all this means, but you are keen to know more!

Or perhaps, you are new to thinking about spirituality and meditation and are just curious.